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Web viewers today expect to be able to easily access almost any type of information via their Web browsers. Great care must be taken to design interfaces that are intuitive, consistent and reliable, or viewers will get frustrated.

We have the programming and design experience required to build such user-centric applications. After several years of developing Web-based software, we have learned the importance of designing for reuse. We can now quickly build complex applications by reusing software "objects", which results in improved reliability and cost savings.

Here are some of the types of applications we have developed:
  • Content management systems
  • Calendar systems
  • Mailing list managers
  • Discussion forums
  • Time/project management systems
  • e-commerce applications:
    shopping carts/secure transactions/product management systems
  • Search engines
  • Secure file sharing interfaces
Although we specialize in Unix software development, we partner with other companies to also offer solutions for the Microsoft environment.
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