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Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, we offer hosting services to meet your needs. Let us manage your hosting platform so you can focus on the message you want your site to convey.

Shared Web Hosting
We lease a dedicated server from Rackspace, one of the largest, most respected hosting companies in the world. Rackspace offers a reliable infrastructure with connections to multiple backbones. (View network details.)

Payment OptionCost
Annual payments $155.40 ($12.95/month)
Biannual payments $83.70 ($13.95/month)
Note: payment by credit card is required for monthly payment option.

Services include:
  • 200MB of space
  • 10 POP mail boxes
  • Web mail: access your mailbox via your Web browser
  • unlimited number of e-mail aliases
  • Web site statistics: a page that shows statistics, such as how many times each page has been visited in a given time period, the total number of visits to your site, etc.
  • domain name registration: we will pay for the creation and renewal of your domain name.
  • ftp access
  • state-of-the-art control panel to manage your account
  • 99.999% up-time guarantee from Rackspace
  • 5GB/Month burstable bandwidth (Overages are $5 per GB per month)
  • daily backup
Server software:
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Apache Web server (with support for PHP and mod_perl)
  • MySQL database server
The hosting plan described above offers the basic services required by most companies/organizations. We'd be glad to tailor a hosting plan to satisfy any additional requirements you may have.
Dedicated Web Hosting
If you need your own server, we can find a configuration that satisfies your technical requirements and cost constraints. We can then manage the server for you. If you need multiple, high performance servers, we can work with the hosting company to provide load-balancing, redundancy, performance monitoring and a managed firewall. Although we currently prefer Rackspace, there are several other companies that offer reliable, dedicated Web hosting. Prices typical begin at around $350 per month plus a one-time setup fee. Our charges to manage your server will depend on your requirements. We can charge by the hour or a fixed monthly fee.

Content Management Tool
We also offer use of our Content Management Tool (CMT), which makes it easy to maintain your site. The Web-based tool allows you to add, change and delete sections of your site. You can also easily manage document lists or product lists. The CMT uses templates that define the page layout. This allows you to focus on the content for each page without worrying about the header, footer and navigation elements. Changes to the site can be previewed before they are "published." The tool allows you to password protect any section of your site. (More information)

There is a one-time setup fee to create templates for your site. The cost depends on the number and complexity of your templates.